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…………Trading is a zero sum game. New entrants, and even the more experienced, tend to overlook this most important and basic point when considering trading as a way of making money.

…………a ‘zero sum game’ means that for the person making a profitable trade, the profit gained represents an equal loss to the trader on the other side (it is not quite zero since both parties to the trade must pay commission to the broker, but since this is a rather insignificant amount in relation to the total value of the trade, it can be overlooked in this demonstration).

……….So, from this perspective, trading is a matter of simple arithmetic. A trader makes a decision (buy or sell) and the outcome depends on whether he has outwitted the trader on the other side. If he has, he makes a profit. If he can keep doing this enough times, he will make trading a profitable business.

Sound easy? Yes, but what is often overlooked, even by the experienced trader, is this all important question.

Who is on the other side of the trade?

It could be a highly successful CTA managing millions, or a large global bank, or highly successful private traders. These groups have accumulated many years of experience. Their expertise has been developed over years by the brightest people coming out of the top universities. That’s what the likes of the Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan’s of this world have been doing from way back. And over time they have poured countless millions into gaining an edge, an edge that will put the odds in their favour next time they do a trade

The question to be asked is, do you have any special knowledge whereby you can compete, at least on even terms, with these people?.

If your trading decisions are based on the common mechanical indicators or they are based on discretionary choices derived from publicly available fundamentals, keep in mind that your competitors in the right hand group have progressed well beyond your standard tools and methods. Will your methods give you that necessary edge?

You can beat these Pro’s……………… but you NEED THE EDGE.

We can give you that edge and it won’t cost much up front. Our aim is to give you the tools to compete with the Pro’s.

Leave nothing to chance, join us and gain access to proven George Bayer tools developed over many decades and which ensure you compete with whoever is on the other side of your trade. Take a look at the samples of Bayer analytical tools we use to successfully trade. Make the move to success now.

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